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Akcija u PC Shop trgovinama za Tipkovnica Sharkoon skiller sgk4, rgb led, usb je istekla. Akcije za kategoriju Tipkovnice i miševi

Tipkovnica Sharkoon skiller sgk4, rgb led, usb

Tipkovnica Sharkoon skiller sgk4, rgb led, usb u PC Shop trgovinama

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- While comparable rubber dome keyboards generally only manage two simultaneous keystrokes, we have equipped the SKILLER SGK4 with full n-key rollover
- So even during complex maneuvers, with limitless, simultaneous keystrokes, real SKILLERs can maintain full control of the situation
- Anti-ghosting keys and the gaming mode with disabled windows key all provide for undisturbed gaming fun
- The perfect gaming experience is rounded off with numerous function keys with preset multimedia actions
- These can be used when chilling out and whiling away the time, by surfing the internet or listening to music, till the next gaming session begins

- The SGK4 makes a strong impression not only technically but also because of its sporty casing with its numerous angles and edges in the best of SKILLER style
- The integrated palm rest not only adds verve to its appearance but also provides ergonomics and comfortable gaming sessions
- What catches the eye even more, however, is the keyboards background illumination with up to 16.8 million colors
- This can be adjusted within six zones via the four illumination keys or using the gaming software

- The software not only allows various illumination effects to be adjusted and the key assignments to be altered
- Apart from the key response time, the polling rate and various convenience functions, macros can also, of course, be programmed with a few clicks
- All adjustments can then be saved in up to four game profiles on the keyboard or in any number of profiles on the PC
- It is also possible to link the different game profiles to chosen games or programs
- The SGK4 will then automatically change the profile when the corresponding game or program has been started
- The relevant profiles are selected not only in the software but also by the push of a profile key on the keyboard

- Type: Gaming Keyboard
- Switch Technology: Rubber Dome
- Illumination: RGB, 6 Zones
- Adjustable Illumination: Yes
- Lighting Effect: Yes
- Max. Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
- Gaming Mode: Yes
- Block: 3-Block-Layout
- Palm Rest: Integrated
- Weight incl. Cable: 955 g
- Dimensions (L×W×H): 472×212×43 mm
- Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10

- Profile Keys: Yes
- Function Keys with Preset Multimedia Actions: Yes
- Anti-Ghosting Keys: Yes
- N-Key Rollover Support: Yes
- Arrow Keys Functions are Interchangeable with the WASD Section: Yes
- Operating Life Cycles of Keys: Min. 10 Million Keystrokes

- Connector: USB
- Textile Braided Cable: Yes
- Cable Length: 180 cm
- Gold-Plated USB Plug: Yes

- Gaming Software: Yes
- Individually Configurable Key Functions: Yes
- Number of Profiles: 4
- Onboard Memory for Game Profiles: Yes
- Capacity of Onboard Memory: 256 kB

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Tipkovnica Sharkoon skiller sgk4, rgb led, usb

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